Mr. Dwyane Wade's recognition

Truly unbelievable and honourable! Dwyane Wade see our IG and gave us a like yesterday!

He is my forever hero and I can't believe I could have interaction with such a big name!

Please find out the post in our IG: hoopinc924


Autumn came! Finally... 秋天終於來到了...

遲來總好過沒來,久違了的秋涼... 很久沒穿過長袖了..

Say Hi to the long waited Autumn breeze...and long sleeves top...



Maybe this is just another regular t-shirt to you, but you may not know how much effort we spend to make this happen.

From the selection of t-shirt, printing, artwork fine tuning, and even the printing of the sticker,  we faced failure in every steps. But we never give up, and we made this happen finally. We want to give our best to our customers, I hope you can feel it too :) 

Sneaker Con Hong Kong 2017

Sneaker Con Hong Kong 2017

We were vending in Sneaker Con Hong Kong 2017, what a special experience for us, this was our first time to face our customer directly and the result is much better than my expectation. We met a lot of happy faces from different countries  and sold quite a lot of tees on that day, this gave us courage to keep producing good stuff.

Mini player series

Little Ethan is rocking our mini player series tee! He loves Steph Curry! (The tee is a prototype and the size is exclusive for him lol)